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Zen & CO is the first Japanese Fusion Café & Bar Concept in KL, specializing in serving unique and reasonably priced Japanese fusion food, dessert and beverages for our guests.

Founded and driven by passionate food experts Carvin Wong, Calvin Yeo and WK Moo. Zen & CO established its presence in 2015 with its First Cube Coffee in KL. We have received many supports and footfall from customers, and we have expanded since then. Currently, we have established 5 F&B outlets and 1 Fresh Market in Klang Valley. We see ourselves competing in Superfood Segment in 2021.

We take customer need as our top priority; thus, we ensure our good quality is maintained consistently. Having our Central Kitchen helps us managed our inventory and food quality efficiently.


Our employees are our greatest asset that contributes to our current success. Today, we have 55 passionate staffs, including part-timers. We value people who have these 4 core values, namely business thinking, to develop, result driven, and teamwork.


Zen&Co 由⼀班喜爱⽇式料理的⽼饕 - Carvin, Calvin 和 WK,于2015年以First Cube Coffee为主打在吉隆坡开张。⽬前为⽌,我们已有5间料理餐馆和⼀间新鲜超市。我们想要在2021年参与多元化⻝品领域。



We started our brand as Zen & Co Happy Garden in 2015, and we have successfully generated a tremendous amount of traffic volume. In 2017, we opened a branch in Menjalara. In 2018 September, to maintain good quality and fresh ingredients, we started our central kitchen. The same year in December, we started another brand in Bukit Jalil. In 2020 July, we started Xen Market to provide fresh pork, fish, and vegetables to our customers. Same year September, we have opened another branch with its name, the Coaster by Zen & Co in Kuchai Lama. We rebranded our Bukit Jalil branch as the Coaster by Zen & Co in November 2020.

Zen & Co has been featured in 8tv Hochak programmed in 2017. In 2019, Zen & Co has been awarded the Emerging Brand of the year 2019 by the International Prestige Brand Award.

我们于2015年以Zen&Co Happy Garden的品牌开始经营,并成功创造了忠实顾客。 2017年,我们在Menjalara开了⼀家分店。为了保持⾼质量和新鲜⻝材,我们于2018年9⽉设⽴了中央厨房。同年12⽉,我们在武吉加⾥尔(Bukit Jalil)开设了另⼀个分店。2020年7⽉,我们开张了Xen Market,旨在为我们的客⼾提供新鲜的猪⾁,⻥和蔬菜。同年9⽉,我们在Kuchai Lama开设了另⼀家名为the Coaster by Zen & Co 的分店。我们也于2020年11⽉将我们的武吉加⾥尔(Bukit Jalil)分店更名为The Coaster by Zen & Co。

因受到⼤家的喜爱,Zen&Co在2017年,有幸在8度空间的 Hochak节⽬亮相。2019年,⼜因其独特创新概念及舒适的装潢,成为时下⼈⽓最旺的咖啡厅,被评为国际⾄尊品牌⼤奖之年度新兴品牌⼤奖。



We are passion in building career opportunity and serves diversify cuisines in F&B industry to the society by deliver exceptional care to our guests and team.




To be the Top F&B chain in our segment with franchise opportunities and listed by year of 2035.


成为我们市场中的顶级餐饮连锁店及提供特许经营机会,并计划于 2035 年前上市


Business Thinking | Development|  Result Driven | Team Work


商业思维 | 自我提升 | 以成绩作为导向 | 团队合作

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